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Turning The Page: Second Chances for a Stronger Relationship - Workbook (eBook)

Turning The Page: Second Chances for a Stronger Relationship - Workbook (eBook)

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The "Turning The Page Workbook" is a companion exercise book designed to complement the "Turning The Page" eBook. This interactive workbook is filled with engaging activities and thought-provoking exercises, tailored to help couples actively apply the concepts from the eBook to their relationship.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Exercises: Hands-on activities to deepen understanding and application.
  • Reflection Sections: Space for personal and joint reflections on relationship growth.
  • Goal-Setting Guides: Tools to set and track progress towards relationship goals.
  • Communication Enhancers: Activities focused on improving dialogue and understanding.
  • Practical Scenarios: Real-world situations for applying learned strategies.


  • Engagement: Actively involve both partners in the growth process.
  • Practical Application: Translate insights from the eBook into real-life actions.
  • Deeper Bonding: Shared exercises to foster intimacy and connection.
  • Progress Tracking: Visible milestones to monitor relationship improvements.

Perfect for couples looking to actively engage in their journey towards a stronger relationship, the "Turning The Page Workbook" is an essential tool for deepening bonds and enhancing understanding.

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